Dear Leather Enthusiasts,

In a world where the allure of a classic black leather jacket speaks volumes yet leaves much to be desired, it is our pleasure to introduce to you Anton Leathers - a realm where craftsmanship, precision, and passion converge to create timeless pieces that transcend mere fashion.

Every man and woman today may possess a leather jacket, but for those who seek beyond the ordinary and yearn for the perfect blend of style, comfort, and luxury, Anton Leathers is your haven. It's not just about owning a leather jacket—it's about embracing the essence of it, the tactile sensation, and the impeccable fit.

At Anton Leathers, we understand that true elegance and excellence are not merely achieved through monetary investment, but through a profound fusion of knowledge, experience, and dedication. With over 25 years of expertise in the art of leather design, we have mastered the intricate techniques and skills required to craft leather pieces that captivate the senses and defy imitation.

Our commitment to unrivaled quality is exemplified through the use of genuine American alligator leathers, the most imitated yet hardest to master exotic leather material. We do not settle for anything less, for we believe that all other materials simply pale in comparison.

Every creation at Anton Leathers is a testament to our ethos—a fusion of patience, precision, and unwavering dedication. Like a shaman tailor, we are intimately connected with the skins throughout the entire process, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Perfection is our promise, and with leather that lasts a lifetime, we spare no effort in ensuring that every piece will outshine any leather jacket you have ever owned.

In a world dominated by disposable fashion, Anton Leathers stands as a beacon of timelessness, transcending fleeting trends and appealing to the giants of humankind, transforming mere mortals into icons. We take pride in delivering style and substance that defy the constraints of time, creating pieces that are as enduring as they are elegant.

Welcome to Anton Leathers—where every creation is a masterpiece, and every moment is an opportunity to embrace the extraordinary.

Sting,Keith Richards and Mick Jagger they have jackets Lenny has jackets and burgundy ostrich skin pants; Steven Tyler and Joe Perry own several pieces; French icon, the late Johnny Hallyday owned several jackets, Florent Pagny (Coach on The Voice - France) owns 36 Anton Leather jackets; and Ozzy Osbourne was early to the ball, as he was the first client to own an alligator Anton jacket. Over the years, Anton has touched every facet of celebrity. The list spans age, skin color, nationality, sex and artistic genre: Grammy, Tony and Academy Award winners, as well as R&B, Classical, Hip Hop, Country, Folk and Soul music stars have all been seen in Anton Leather.

Recording Artists clients include:

Axl Rose Nikki Sixx Lenny kravitz

Britney Spears Alicia Keyes Maya

Usher Justin Timberlake Eve

Mary J. Blige Lauryn Hill

Little Kim Marilyn Manson

Seal Sheryl Crow Mick Jagger

Eve Donnel Jones Shaggy

Sisqo Melissa Etheridge

Kidd Rock Brad Paisley Sting

The Ahn Trio Maxwell Macy Gray

Actors, Actress:

Halle Berry

Queen Latifah

Samuel L. Jackson

LaTanya Richardson

Dean Winters

John Leguizomo

Angela Bassett

Courtney Vance

Dave Chappelle

What is noteworthy is not so much that these iconic stars have bought Anton Leather pieces, but rather how they have used them. In many cases, these artists have used Anton Leather jackets and pants as major marketing tools, helping them to define their celebrity personas. Sting used his Anton Leather jacket on the cover of three of his albums (“Best Of Sting,” “B-Sides & Rarities,” & “Sacred Love”), and wore it in onstage and in countless press appearances.• Lenny wore Anton Leather in his “American Woman” and “Black Velveteen” videos. • Nikki Sixx wore multiple pieces onstage during his “Red, White & Crue” tour, using the costume changes as a major facet of the show. • Florent Pagny, has worn an Anton Leather jacket on three album covers five videos countless performances and on almost every episode of The Voice – France •John Leguizamo wore his Anton Leather jacket every night during his Broadway show, Sexaholic.• • Alicia Keyes and Lauren Hill both wore Anton Leather on the back of their debut albums.•

• And famously, when Steven Tyler won the VH1 Fashion Award for “Rockstyle” you’ve seen Anton leather at high end retailers in Los Angles, New York, Paris, Monaco,Nice and currently in Royal Flash in Tokyo and the UK at Boudi fashion On Molton St This is the first time Anton leathers have been available for sale on line direct .

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